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L. Cortese, G. Lo Presti, M. Pagliazzi, D. Contini, A. Della Mora, H. Dehghani, F. Ferri, J.B. Fisher, M. Giovannella, F. Martelli, U.M. Weigel, S. Wojtkiewicz, M. Zanoletti, T. Durduran
Recipes for diffuse correlation spectroscopy instrument design using commonly utilized hardware based on targets for signal-to-noise ratio and precision
Biomedical Optics Express (2021), 12, 3265 - 3281 [DOI]

S. B. Feil, G. Rodegher, F. Gaiotti, M. Y. Alzate Zuluaga, F. J. Carmona, N. Masciocchi, S. Cesco and Y. Pii
Physiological and molecular investigation of urea uptake dynamics in Cucumis sativus L. plants fertilized with urea-doped amorphous calcium phosphate nanoparticles
Frontiers Plant Science (2021), 12, 745581 [DOI]

G. Calabrese, C. Pipitone, D. Marini, F. Giannici, A. Martorana, L. Barba, C. Summonte, N. Masciocchi and S. Milita
Highly stable thin films based on novel hybrid 1D (PRSH)PbX3 pseudo-perovskites
Nanomaterials (2021), 11, 2765.  [DOI]

C. Pipitone, S. Boldrini, A. Ferrario, G. Garcìa-Espejo, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi, A. Martorana and F. Giannici
Ultralow thermal conductivity in 1D and 2D imidazolium-based lead halide perovskites
Applied Physics Letters (2021), 119, 1101104. [DOI]

M.C. Cassani, R. Castagnoli, F. Gambassi, D. Nanni, I. Ragazzini, N. Masciocchi, E. Boanini and B. Ballarin
A Cu(II)-MOF based on a propargyl carbamate-functionalized isophthalate ligand as nitrite electrochemical sensors
Sensors (2021), 21, 4922. [DOI]

V.M. Abbinante, G. García-Espejo, G. Calabrese, S. Milita, L. Barba, D. Marini, C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, A. Guagliardi and N. Masciocchi
Conformationally rigid molecular and polymeric naphthalene-diimides containing C6H6N2 constitutional isomers
J. Mater. Chem. C (2021), 9, 10875 - 10888. [DOI]

M. C. Cassani, F. Gambassi, B. Ballarin, D. Nanni, I. Ragazzini, D. Barreca, C. Maccato, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi, A. Kovtun, K. Rubini and E. Boanini
A Cu(II)-MOF based on a propargyl carbamate-functionalized isophthalate ligand
RSC Advances (2021), 11, 20429 - 20438. [DOI]

F. Gaiotti, M. Lucchetta, G. Rodegher, D. Lorenzoni, E. Longo, E. Boselli, S. Cesco, N. Belfiore, L. Lovat, J.M. Delgado López, F.J. Carmona, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi, Y. Pii
Urea-doped calcium phosphate nanoparticles as sustainable nanofertilizers for viticulture: implications on yield and quality of Pinot gris grapevines
Agronomy (2021), 11. 1026. [DOI]

M.C. Dalconi, G. Artioli, N. Masciocchi, C. Giacobbe, F. Castiglioni, G. Ferrari
The crystal structure of a new calcium aluminate phase containing formate
Cement and Concrete Research (2021), 146, 106490. [DOI]

C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, A. Martorana, G. García-Espejo, S. Carlotto, M. Casarin, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Heterovalent BiIII/PbII ionic substitution in one-dimensional trimethylsulfoxonium halide pseudo-perovskites (X = I, Br)
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2021), 125, 11728–11742. [DOI]

F. Bertolotti, A. Tabacaru, V. Musat, N. Tigau, A. Cervellino, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Band Gap Narrowing in Silane-grafted ZnO Nanocrystals. A Comprehensive Study by Wide-angle X-ray Total Scattering Methods
Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2021), 125, 4806-4819. [DOI]  [see Cover]
E.P. Pérez-Alvarez, G.B. Ramìrez-Rodrìguez, F. J. Carmona, J.M. Martìnez-Vidaurre, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, T. Garde-Cerdàn, J. M. Delgado López
Towards a more sustainable viticulture: Foliar application of N-doped calcium phosphate nanoparticles on Tempranillo grapes
Journal of the Science and Food Agriculture (2021), 101, 1307-1313. [DOI]
F. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, Y. Pii, J. M. Delgado López, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Urea-functionalized amorphous calcium phosphate nanofertilizers: optimizing the synthetic strategy towards environmental sustainability and manufacturing costs
Scientific Reports (2021), 11, 3419. [DOI] [Read]

F. Bertolotti, F.J. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, J. M. Delgado López, J. S. Pedersen, F. Ferri, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
On the amorphous layer in bone mineral and biomimetic apatite: a combined small- and wide-angle X-ray scattering analysis
Acta Biomateralia (2021), 120, 167-180. [DOI]

V.M. Abbinante, M. Zampieri, G. Barreca, N. Masciocchi
Preparation and Solid-State Characterization of Eltrombopag Crystal Phases
Molecules (2021), 26, 65. [DOI] 

C. Pipitone, F. Giannici, A. Martorana, F. Bertolotti, G. Calabrese, S. Milita, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Proton Sponge Lead Halides containing 1D polyoctahedral chains
Crystengcomm. (2021), 23, 1126-1139. [DOI] 
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