Total Scattering Laboratory




D. Spanu, A. Nemenyi, M. Marelli, G. Binda, A. Guagliardi, F. Bertolotti, B. Giussani, S. Recchia
Development of a Scanning Chemical Vapour Deposition Reactor for the realization of patterned and non-patterned depositions: a preliminary overview
Thin Solid Films, (2020), 717, 138446. [DOI]

V. Y. Zenou, F. Bertolotti, A. Guagliardi, B. H. Toby, R. B. Von Dreele,  S. Bakardjieva, In situ high-temperature X-ray diffraction study of Sc-doped titanium oxide nanocrystallites, J. Appl. Cryst. (2020), 53, 1452-1461 [DOI]

L. Cremonesi, C. Minnai, F. Ferri, A. Parola, B. Paroli, T. Sanvito, and M.A.C. Potenza
Light Extinction and Scattering from Aggregates Composed of Submicron Particles
Journal of Nanoparticle Research (2020), 22, 344 [DOI].

F. Ferri, F. Bertolotti, A. Guagliardi, N. Masciocchi
Nanoparticle size distribution from inversion of Wide Angle X-ray Total Scattering data
Scientific Reports (2020), 10, 12759 [DOI]

F. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, F. Bertolotti, G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, J. M. Delgado López, J. S. Pedersen, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
The role of nanoparticle structure and morphology in the dissolution kinetics and nutrient release of nitrate-doped calcium phosphate nanofertilizers
Scientific Reports (2020), 10, 12396 [DOI]

G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, C. de Miguel Rojas, G. Sgarbiero Montanha, F. Carmona, G. Dal Sasso, J. Sillero, J. S. Pedersen, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, A. Pérez de Luque, J. M. Delgado López
Reducing Nitrogen dosage in Triticum durum plants with Urea-doped nanofertilizers
Nanomaterials (2020), 10, 1043 [DOI]

F. Bertolotti, A. Vivani, D. Moscheni, F. Ferri, A. Cervellino, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi
Structure, Morphology and Faceting of TiO2 Photocatalysts by the Debye Scattering Equation Method. The P25 and P90 Cases of Study
Nanomaterials (2020), 10, 743-758 [DOI]

S. Milita, F. Liscio, L. Cowen, M. Cavallini, B. A. Drain, T. Degousée, S. Luong, O. Fenwick, A. Guagliardi, B. C. Schroeder, N. Masciocchi
Polymorphism in N,N'-diaklyl-naphthalenediimides
J. Mater. Chem. C (2020), 8, 3097-3112 [DOI]

G. B. Ramírez-Rodríguez, G. Gregorio, F. J. Carmona, C. Miguel-Rojas, A. Pérez de Luque, N. Masciocchi, A. Guagliardi, J. M. Delgado-López
Engineering biomimetic calcium phosphate nanoparticles: a green synthesis of slow-release multinutrient (NPK) nano-fertilizers
ACS Applied Bio Materials, (2020), 3, 1344-1354  [DOI]
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