Total Scattering Laboratory




A. Guagliardi, A. Cervellino, R. Frison, G. Cernuto and N. Masciocchi

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in CRC Concise Encyclopedia of Nanotechnology, B. I. Kharisov, O. V. Kharissova, U. Ortiz-Mendez Eds.,

CRC Press, (2015), ISBN 9781466580343. [ISBN]

A. Cervellino, R. Frison, F. Bertolotti and A. Guagliardi

DEBUSSY 2.0 - the new release of a Debye User System for nanocrystalline and/or disordered materials.

J. APPL. CRYST. (2015) 48, 2026-2032. [DOI]


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Methane storage in flexible metal-organic frameworks with intrinsic thermal management.

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F. Ferri, G. Re Calegari, M. Molteni, B. Cardinali, D. Magatti and M. Rocco

Size and Density of Fibers in Fibrin and Other Filamentous Networks from Turbidimetry: Beyond a Revisited Carr–Hermans Method, Accounting for Fractality and Porosity.

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S. Bonfanti and G. Jug

On the paramagnetic impurity concentration of silicate glasses from low-temperature physics.

J LOW TEMP PHYS, (2015) 180, 214-237. [DOI]
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