Como, September 24-26, 2013

Topics and Aims

Quantum Information Science has now the possibility to impact future technology. This conference is manly devoted to the applications of Quantum Information, such as quantum simulations, quantum cryptography, quantum information processing, entanglement and non-locality, quantum decoherence, quantum error correction, quantum control, quantum logic, quantum imaging, quantum metrology, quantum processors and devices (quantum optics, NMR and solid state technologies).

The aim of this meeting is to provide the expanding community of Quantum Information in Italy with an opportunity to share and discuss recent results in this wide field of research, as well as to give to young researchers the possibility to meet other active groups and establish new collaborations.

Scientific Committee

M. Bondani (Como), G. Casati (Como),                                                             F. S. Cataliotti (Firenze), C. Macchiavello (Pavia),                                             S. Olivares (Milano), M. Palma (Palermo), P. Villoresi (Padova).

Local Committee

A. Allevi, S. Soria.

Past editions

IQIS 2012 (Padova)

IQIS 2011 (Vietri)

IQIS 2010 (Torino)

IQIS 2009 (Pisa)

IQIS 2008 (Camerino)